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1) NIST issued a statement on March 17, 2016 regarding SWGDRUG authored standard ASTM E2329-14 “Standard Practice for Identification of Seized Drugs.”  This statement has raised some concerns by stating “that some of the language in the standard is not scientifically rigorous.”  Specifically, section 4.2 of the standard contains the following sentence “It is expected that in the absence of unforeseen error, an appropriate analytical scheme effectively results in no uncertainty in reported identifications.”  NIST’s interpretation and representation of this language differs from its original intent.

Recognizing that  the language has been misinterpreted, the leadership of the OSAC Seized Drugs Subcommittee decided to revise the standard out-of-cycle and opened an ASTM work item WK53625 on March 4 th, 2016.  The OSAC Seized Drugs Subcommittee has been involved in discussions with SWGDRUG, NIST scientist/statistician and the OSAC Legal Resource Committee to build consensus on alternate language to be presented to ASTM for consideration. 

The analogous language in the SWGDRUG Recommendations 7.0 PART III B - Methods of Analysis/Drug Identification will be reviewed at the upcoming SWGDRUG meeting scheduled for June 7-9, 2016.
A new Supplemental Document (SD-6) has been drafted that provides examples of estimating measurement uncertainty for extrapolations of net weights and unit counts. This document is released for public comment until May 22, 2016. Please click on the above link to review and comment on the document.
SWGDRUG Recommendations Version 7.0 was approved on August 14th, 2014.
Drug Monographs (being updated weekly)
Searchable Mass Spectral Library Version 2.4 (dated December 30, 2015)
Searchable Infrared Library Version 1.2 (dated May 26, 2015)
ENFSI-DWG has published a new Guideline on Sampling of Illicit Drugs for Quantitative Analysis and a corresponding Sampling Calculator, both of which have been posted to this website.
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SWGDRUG's Mission:
SWGDRUG works to improve the quality of the forensic examination of seized drugs and to respond to the needs of the forensic community by supporting the development of internationally accepted minimum standards, identifying best practices within the international community, and providing resources to help laboratories meet these standards.
We hope that you find our website easy to navigate and encourage you to forward any suggestions or comments to the SWGDRUG facilitator at: swgdrug@hotmail.com

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